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Vegetation Management/Weed Abatement

** The Sonoma Valley Fire District officially declared the end of wildfire season 2021 on October 27th, 2021. The start of the 2022 wildfire season within the Sonoma Valley Fire District will be determined once conditions warrant it; Fire Department staff will begin property inspections to ensure compliance with the Weed Abatement / Vegetation Management Rules and Regulations when the 2022 season has been declared. Check back in late spring for updates. 

Note: Many State and Local ordinances that relate to Vegetation Management and Defensible Space are enforceable year round. Property Owners are encouraged to maintain safe and defendable properties year round in compliance with the laws. 

Our Weed Abatement program is designed to reduce or prevent the spread of wildfire from one property to another. Each year, the Sonoma Valley Fire District notifies relevant property owners of the requirement for weed and nuisance abatement. These property owners are asked to address any overgrowth of grasses and weeds. Weed Abatement efforts have been designed to minimize fire hazards throughout the area. Through this program, all property owners and citizens can be assured of a safer fire season.
Weed Abatement notices will be sent out in the spring. We do not make any recommendations concerning Weed Abatement service providers, but we do maintain a list of providers in our area. Please contact our office at (707) 996-2102 to request more information.