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Our Mission & Vision 


The Sonoma Valley Fire & Rescue Authority exists to protect the quality of life for present and future generations through interaction with our community, compassionate service and an atmosphere that encourages innovation, professionalism, and diversity.



The vision of the SVFRA is to consistently demonstrate our values in fiscally sustainable mission delivery. This will be evident in our commitment to the organization’s

Strategic plan direction, as determined by community input and broad organizational involvement, within our organization and regionally;

Visible and proactive public information and community outreach efforts;

Flexible workforce, appropriately staffed and well prepared to ensure organizational success in changing environments;

Responsive leadership that will support the provision and maintenance of physical resources that enable all personnel to safely, efficiently, and effectively carry out their duties;

Accountable personnel, throughout the organization and governing body, who will meet or exceed the community’s expectations.

Our culture of continuous improvement will be widely recognized as we deliver our mission, live our values, accomplish our community-driven goals, and realize our vision.